buying trade-ln=inesA (seasoned) tradeline is a line of credit that the borrower has held open in good standing for a long period of time, typically at least 2 years. The term “seasoned” signifies that the account was not recently opened, but that a payment history has been established on the tradeline.

It’s no secret that when you add tradelines to credit reports, credit scores increase. People who have added seasoned trade lines to their credit see nearly instant boosts in their credit scores. If you are looking to add trade lines to your credit, the process is simple:

  • Credit Report: In order to start the process, we must receive a current copy of your credit report. There are many places from which you can obtain your credit report.
  • Credit Analysis: Once we receive your credit report, our financial experts will analyze your report and recommend services to achieve your credit goals. This step does not take long and is completed when a list of available services is presented and you have made a selection. It is important to recognize the complexity of piggybacking credit trade lines.
  • Added Trade lines: Once you have chosen a service, we will enter into an agreement with you as our client.  You will be placed as an authorized user on the designated account(s) from our portfolio of available Trade lines.  Then, you can sit back and watch your credit score increase.

For ordering more than 10 tradelines please complete the form below.